Elementary Mixing Tips for VOCALOID Vocals

Time for another kolumn article. My boss (a certain lover of hentai) says I gotta write at least something about mixing down VOCALOID vocals. You know, so the average Western Joe has something to reference when trying to making their originals sound as professional as possible. I hope this quick and dirty crash-course will help inspire you to go out and make your VOCALOID music sound just as good as all those Japanese producers do, with all their audio-technological black magic and whatever they pull to get so good! ^^

Okay. The first step is to define “mixing”. The technical definition can get pretty intimidating, but we’re gonna make things easy for this guide by defining it as “making the vocals (VOCALOID) and the backing track (your off-vocal music) sound good, but distinguishable from one another”.

While it’s easily possible and many VOCALOID Producers have gotten multi-hundred-thousand-view songs despite doing it (see Yugami-P’s Alice Human Sacrifice), it’s not the best choice to slap on the vocals and crank up the volume. After VOCALOID spits out a WAV file for you, it’s your job to take care of a few things before you can call your song “well-mixed”:

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Let’s begin with a quick definition and Compression!

  • Roki Calvo

    FANTASTIC ARTICLE. I have to say no matter how elementary or low tiered,
    BASIC this info is—-most people avoid this and proceed to post their
    shitty (‘scuse my French) mixed Vocalo files on most uploading sites.

    The examples are very nice, thanks for the inclusion!

    • Kodakami

      That’s why I do it. Hopefully it will help to give other producers the tools they need to stand out a little more. Thanks for your comment! ^^

  • sleepysheep7

    Very nice article. I also use EQ 2 on FL-Studios. Though I never did use the compressor. I may have to give that a try. 

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  • Vortex11316

    Great information. I hadn’t played with compression much and your suggestions were just what I needed. It makes a world of difference in the mix. Thanks.

  • Vortex11316

    How about an article on mixing for different types of speakers? My mixes sound OK on headphones or a home stereo, but sometimes they sound terrible on laptop speakers. Is there a secret for making it sound good on all types of speakers?

  • lukaluka anynomous

    ur the best! Thanks for sharing the information ^_^

  • lutz

    Thank you, this is perfectly written and is especially very useful for beginners like me who can’t understand anything said in forums filled with experienced Vocaloid users and music writers. Muchas gracias!!

  • Anonima

    Thank you for this tutorial. I’m a noob at Vocaloid and this is a very well-written tutorial. It helps me a lot

  • kara

    how do i fid the tool to do this… thak u!!! sorry for Bad eglish

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  • Panda-P

    I love you now <3