Additional Details on Vocaloid 3 Avanna

In an email response to Vocaloid-Creativity user Xeyuzio, Dom Keeffe of Zero-G revealed additional details on their upcoming Vocaloid 3 ‘Avanna’.

They re-affirmed their commitment to releasing her soon saying she is “almost finished” along with additional details about the kind of voice they are hoping for saying she would be “more pop and dance than our other Vocaloids but with a Celtic twist”

You can find the full email quoted after the break.

[Full Email @ Vocaloid-Creativity]

We are hoping to get the Celtic voice released very soon – it is almost finished.

She will be called Avanna and will be a lot more pop and dance than our other Vocaloids but with a Celtic twist.

We haven’t got any demos for her yet as we can’t start making these until the Vocaloid editing is Finished.

Best Regardsm
Dom Keeffe
Zero-G Limited

  • Xey Oiz

    The email response wasn’t to me this time, it was to a person on dA who posted it in the Vocaloid wiki to show her intended genre.

  • Nathen Hval

    its my email! 😀 i am nathen! i asked them if they could talk about any of the genres or the like that avanna would cover!
    if you would like me to like, comment or something on my DA post to prove that its me itd be fine!

  • Nathen Hval

    p.s. i love this blog and visit it frequently ^-^