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Zero-G’s Vocaloid 3 Avanna Official Artwork

By Hentai on Nov 8, 2012 | No Comments

In likely the first of many such info-dumps Zero-G has authorized EmpathP (Aki Glancy) to give us our first look at Vocaloid 3 Avanna’s official artwork. This combined with the audio preview from yesterday VocaNoIro NekoCon Producers Panel Avanna Preview the public now has their first look at what Vocaloid 3 Avanna will both look and sound like.

Along with including the art, EmpathP has included a little dev diary giving us a look into how exactly Avanna came to be. There are a bunch of interesting factoids included in this dev diary including how EmpathP got the job, some of the revisions they made, and the reveal that Avanna’s may be of Irish descent, thus prompting the ‘Celtic’ theme.

Probably most interesting of all was the insight in how Yamaha has input in all of their sub-licencer’s VOCALOID production. Yamaha expressed concerns “that Zero-G’s approved design was not “Anime” styled enough” and requested Avanna be redesigned into a “cuter, modern anime style”, maybe in an attempt to grab that ‘moe’ appeal that is oh, so popular these days.

A ‘Mock’ Boxart Image of Vocaloid 3 Avanna

Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue
Color Scheme: Green, Gold, and Blue
Age: 18
Ethnicity: Irish
Artist’s assumed height: 5’6”
Artist’s assumed weight: 156 lbs

The full art is included after the jump. EmpathP’s full report at deviantArt, and see the artwork release post over at VocaloidOtaku. Our previous coverage can be found under the ‘Avanna‘ tag.

[Aki Glancy's Dev Diary]
[Avanna Artwork Release]

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VocaNoIro NekoCon Producers Panel Avanna Preview

By Hentai on Nov 7, 2012 | No Comments

I knew EmpathP (Aki Glancy) had something special planned for the visitors of the VocaNoIro Producers Panel but I never imagined something of this scale. She revealed that she was the artist for Zero-G’s upcoming Vocaloid 3, and previewed an audio demo of Avanna still in development.

Full convention and panel footage from Re:VB is still pending but for now he has uploaded the one segment you are probably looking most forward to, the special preview demonstration of Zero-G’s upcoming Vocaloid 3 Avanna.

Due note this is NOT a representation of the completed voicebank, the sample previewed is from October 25th configuration and she has been further since then. Likewise EmpathP would like to make it clear this is not a “Release Demo”, simply something Zero-G had prepared for the convention to show some their current progress on the Vocaloid.

Think of this more as a preview of her voice, so you aspiring producers looking to release Day 1 songs know what to program for. Also, the preview was tuned in-house by Zero-G, not by any known producers, and was part of several internal tests at Zero-G before the final programming was completed.

I must say, despite the poor audio from the panel the preview has us all at Engloids.Info hyped for her release. Expect more details about Avanna to be made public ‘soon’™. You can track our continuing coverage on our “Avanna” site tag.

VoctroLabs Collab-Competition, Reveals Next Voctroloid?

By Hentai on Oct 5, 2012 | 1 Comment

In an amazing turn of events Voctro Labs has revealed they are collaborating with producer house TheFACT™ in Plan-B by Ballantine.

Under Plan-B the group La Oreja de Van Gogh have composed a song, complete with music and melody, and are inviting their fans to submit lyrics for it. After submitting lyrics, fans will be able to listen to it rendered by what could possibly be the upcoming Voctroloid, and hear what their lyrics might sound like sung.

The website is online and is accepting submissions now, with the final winners to be chosen by La Oreja de Van Gogh by the end of the year. This collaboration and contest is an unprecedented example of the power of VOCALOID-like vocal synthesizers, and their practical applications in the field of songwriting.

For those interested Yue’s English translation of the full press release is included after the break, with the link to the original listed below. VocaloidOtaku has a thread dedicated to the contest and it includes many fan submissions so you can have a chance to hear what VoctroLabs upcoming Vocaloid might sound like.

[Official Press Release]
[Plan-B Project Page]
[Discussion & Samples]

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VocaTone Announces “Olivideo” Competition + MMD Downloads

By Hentai on Oct 4, 2012 | No Comments

VocaTone has announced their Oliver “Olivideo” Video Competition, inviting fans to create a video for the song “Birds” by Daniel Castro the contest is to be held over the next two months and is slated to end on December 4th, 2012. Though not required for the video VocaTone has also released their long awaited Official Oliver MMD Models, both versions 1 & 2, available for download off the competitions page.

Usage of the MMD models are not required, videos can be made in any way, program or manner with the only restriction being that you must use the official competition song in an unaltered state. Winners will be chosen by the VocaTone staff and select outside judges. Grand prize for this even is a copy of the VocaTone’s very own Oliver Vocaloid. To submit a video simply upload it to YouTube with the tag ‘OlivideoComp’ for your chance to win.

Full rules, as well as downloads, and aditional details can be found here.

[VocaTone Competitions Page]

VocaNoIro: Vocaloid Concert @ NekoCon (Hampton, Virginia)

By Hentai on | 1 Comment

For you lucky Vocaloid fans near Hampton, Virginia Re:VB & AniMiku are going to be holding a series of events next month from November 2-4th called “VocaNolro”, short for “Vocaloid no Iro” or “The Colors of Vocaloid”. Events include the AniMiku ‘live’ concert, as well as two panels featuring Western producers like Tempo-P of VocalektVisions and Empath-P (Aki Glancy).

The concert itself just might be the most impressive AniMiku one to date and is said to feature a real stage, opening up options for lighting, rigging, and getting the best hologram effects possible. The setlist also has many new additions, along with new Vocaloids, one never before seen, and another that has only been on stage on one other occasion.

Seating capacity for the main event has also been increased to but space is limited so it is probably best to arrive early as a full house is expected. Free commemorative glow-sticks will be given out to the first 1,000 people in the door. VocaNolro will also have a booth in the dealer’s hall selling the latest Vocalekt Visions album, as well as answering any questions you may have concerning the technology powering this event.

For those of you who want to go and have no already registered PayPal Pre-Registration closes tomorrow Friday, October 5th at 11:59 EDT.

[Official AniMiku Press Release]
[NekoCon Convention Website]