VOCALOID3 Oliver Teaser

Hinted at for a while the first teasing look at PowerFX’s VOCALOID3 nicknamed “Oliver” has been released on VocaloidOtaku.

Details are scarce and there is no demo yet but they did tell us that he was created in conjunction with PowerFX and a new English Vocaloid company called “VocaTone” run by Anders, who you may recognize as the independent Engloid developer/programmer behind some of both PowerFX & Zero-G’s past Vocaloids.

You can get your first look/listen to Oliver at Utah’s AnimeBanzai Convention (Saturday, October 22nd @ 11:00pm) at their Vocaloid panel. Do note they are asking for no video or audio recording during the event but official demos should be online soon afterwards.

More details to come as we wait for the proper channels and their public relation officers confirm what they are authorized to tell us or not.

Update 10/16: The voicebank and art are all aready completed and it is expected to be a young, smooth, and male voice. You can expect more complete details mid-late November when the press information blackout is lifted.

As for the bird/hat featured in the teaser art it is an American Goldfinch and was chose because “It compliments Oliver’s design very nicely” and “to add a little nod to the fact that a lot of Americans worked on this project”. The bird doesn’t have a official name but the VocaTone staff seem receptive for the fans to give him/her one.

Expect a full battery of demos, art, and possibly even an official MMD model as we approach his release. We will keep this site/post updated with more news as it is released.

Yes, it is legit and the thread has been confirmed by Anders himself.

Update 10/26: AnimeBanzai has come and gone. Read our continuing coverage on the events of AnimeBanzai and all the new information on Oliver @ AnimeBanzai Recap & VOCALOID3 Oliver.

  • looks …interesting… ! I cannot wait (I really can’t) till more information is shown. I still want to know, however, what on earth the other companies are doing. do any of you know? I just hope oliver isn’t the cat oliver from walt disney picture’s “Oliver and Company”. Even if it is that, I’ll probably still eventually buy it. Nevertheless, now that I’ve seen that, the infuriating wait drives on…

    • anonymous

      So, this post is like a joke or something, right? I mean, you can’t be serious… right…?

  • So freaking excited for this!

  • When I want to hear his voice early, and I do not appeal in a voice above all!

  • Ummm….Can it really be heard?

  • EspeonLady

    Not sure if legit. I’m not saying he isn’t going to happen, I’m just skeptical.

    • He didn’t give many details but Oliver confirmed what was said in the thread to be true: http://vocaloidotaku.net/index.php?/topic/23564-vocaloid3-oliver/page__st__330__p__611595&#entry611595

      • Kodakami

        That is, Anders confirmed it. Oliver might have a biased opinion regarding his own existence.

  • Kodakami

    I vote for the bird to be named “Twist”, after Dicken’s classic English novel “Oliver Twist”. Please support the name!

    • Kodakami

      My mistake.

  • Anon

    People over at VocaloidOtaku are calling the bird James… I approve! ^_^

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