Celtic-loid Name Revealed to be “Avanna”

In an email response to XeyOiz of Vocaloidism, Dom Keeffe of Zero-G revealed the name of their upcoming Vocaloid 3 to be “Avanna”. He had no further details to report but the release date is expected to be ‘soon’™.

This corroborates our previous report Zero-G’s Celtic Vocaloid Coming Sooner Than You Expect where Dom revealed that their Vocaloid 3 had run into unexpected technical difficulties, but they were hoping to release her before summer’s end.

Additional details are pending but you can read the full email on Vocaloidism’s Avanna Reveal. You can track all of our previous and our continuing coverage on the new “Avanna” site tag.

  • >‘soon’™

    I see what you did there.

    • I just hope she doesn’t catch ‘Big Al Syndrome’

  • I noticed that the domain “Vocaloid3.com” is owned by Xfonic Limited. We might want to keep looking into that site in the future.

    • Nice find there. The best part about UK Business entities is that they are required to register on an easily searchable public database.

      Apparently Xfonic Limited is a UK based type 2231 “Reproduction of sound recording” company that list Dominic Keeffe as Director.