Zero-G’s VOCALOID3 & Physical Product Followup

As a part of our our previous article Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup we reached out to Dom Keeffe of Zero-G.

Among the questions we asked him was the possibility of Zero-G making a retail/physical versions of both their VOCALOID3 and the standalone Vocaloid 3 Editor.

We are still in negotiations with Yamaha as to selling the Vocaloid3 editor as a physical DVD here in the UK and abroad and are awaiting to hear further from them. I’ll let you know any news when we have it.

We also asked if Zero-G had any new details to share about their upcoming Vocaloid. Dom informed us that the art are done, the name is undecided, she will have a Celtic-inspired theme, and we can expect more complete details in an official announcement “soon” TM.

  • Kodakami

    Holy Cow, Hentai. You’re just rolling in new info, aren’t you? This sounds so exciting. I know more than a few Engloid fans who would be interested in a Celtic-inspired VOCALOID. Hell, I know the Japanese will be all over her when she hits the market.

  • Skippy4118

    I Hope that ZERO G sells the V3 english editor. I need it in english…

    • I am pretty sure the Editor software on VocaloidStore is available in 3 languages Korean, Japanese, & English and you can switch between them. I haven’t use it myself though. I am waiting to see if there is a discount/bundle if you get it with a Engloid V3.

      • Skippy4118

        Really? So your saying the editor can change between the 3??

        • Old one could too. In fact the V2 editor was programmed in English. Delete or rename the JP language files and it reverts fully to English.

          • Skippy4118

            I had heard of that, but didn’t think it would work for the new one. Thank you so much for your help!!

          • Full Disclosure: I don’t have the V3 editor myself but that is how it works according to reports I read on VO.

  • Casey Fortune

    Casey. That’s what you should call her. It’s a name of Celtic Origin, plus, it’s my name 😀

  • They should name it Daíthi <– very Celtic name it means David, and is pronounced Dah-hey

  • Yukari

    Otha would be a good name. It’s Celtic for prosperous.

  • they should name her Orla , or Ciara … 

  • Ersu Weiss

    I’ll be waiting for that Vocaloid!

  • Where can I download a free VCLD program?