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English Miku Sale @ Big Fish Audio


To celebrate the upcoming Columbus Day holiday Big Fish Audio, the official English distributor of Miku Hatsune, is having a 20% off sale on all products sitewide, including the DVD and DL versions of English Miku Hatsune. The discount applies in cart after entering the coupon code “BF1492” before checkout. The sale lasts through October 14th, full details can be found on here.


No word yet if the sale applies to the English Miku Bundle as English Miku + Vocaloid 3 Full Editor bundles are only available via phone order.

Interview: neutrinoP

Following our coverage on Fan Group Seeks to Crowdfund Convention Concert we reached out to neutrinoP for an interview both for a bit of insight on English Gumi, the SRP Kickstarter, and more on Vocaloid music production.


Thanks for taking the time to talk with us here at Engloids.Info. For the those that don’t already know you from our EN Gumi coverage (link) would you mind introducing yourself?

Of course! I’m a former professional stage pianist. I am Romanian. Due to my paralysis, I had to quit that life more than 17 years ago. VOCALOID is my new life, a new way of expressing my feelings, a new way of sharing my own experiences with the whole world. And like a well known VOCALOID artist said too (which is pure coincidence that we are thinking the same!): “VOCALOID saved my life!” , and not just once!

Wow, that is a really empowering story. First, I have to ask, since it seems to be tradition here at Engloids.Info. Is there a story behind your name?

Yes, it is. As stage pianist, you are not always on stage, mostly below the stage. Only the singers are up there (except few representation where the entire orchestra is on stage too). So the audience hears the orchestra, but is not visible, and that means the piano too. And knowing about the newly discovered particle at that time, and comparing this to the particle itself, it sounds similar: you can’t see it, but you know is there! So… here is why my artist name! But the producer title came later, after I debuted with many covers I made for practice and also with my first original VOCALOID song. That’s how the “P” got attached to my artist name.

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Fan Group Seeks to Crowdfund Convention Concert


A fan group calling themselves Synthesized Reality Productions (SRP) has launched a Kickstarter in hopes to crowdfund an upcoming convention concert at Pacific Media Expo in Los Angles, California this coming November.

Members of SRP include staff from the Vocalekt Visions 3D Concert Group, whose 2012 concert tour included fan concerts at Anime Los Angeles, Pacific Media Expo, and Anime on Display. Previous concerts were held using rental gear which were challenging for both the concert staff, who is unable to practice, test, and optimize for the hardware they will be using, and the conventions that host them, many lacking hardware themselves.

This Kickstarter follows an unsuccessful bid earlier in the year to raise $50,000 for a full professional setup that included new projectors, screens, and light rigging. SRP seems to have lowered the bar from Vocalekt’s first attempt and set their primary goal as a new projector, with the rest of the equipment and associated costs being relegated to stretch goals.

Rewards tiers include social media shoutouts, phone charms of the group’s mascot, and of course DVDs of the concert. Additional rewards tier include CDs and/or artwork from the likes of MystSaphyr, NeutrinoP, Wolf Neve, and EmpathP, Avanna’s designer and producer of Fables of Farewell.

The highest tiers include all of the above as well as original song commissions where you can help craft a song to be featured in the concert. Check out the Kickstarter page for full details.

Yohioloid on Sale Now! Additional Demos Debuted


The wait is finally over! For those that have been waiting for it PowerFX/VocaTone’s newest bi-lingual Vocaloid is finally released. Right Hio can only be purchased as a digital downloads but Bil Bryant of PowerFX assures us that the physical DVD edition should be in stock for international shipping some time next week.

Yohioloid’s bi-lingual nature hasn’t seemed to have affected his pricing with his digital download price comparable to Oliver on release at $129. The physical edition is expect to be priced at $149, but no word as of yet if an Yohioloid + Editor DVD combo pack will be made available. For those interested in just the DVD of the Vocaloid 3 Editor it is available for purchase here


Purchase Yohioloid:

Digital Download – $149
Retail Boxed – $169


The last batch of demos before his launch include Justin Timberlake’s “Cry Me a River” as covered by Giuseppe and a Japanese demo of Kiroro’s “Mirai E” as covered by Alberto. You can find the two demos embedded after the break. Expect an in-depth column on Hio later this week as Kodakami gets some hands-on time with PowerFX’s latest Vocaloid.

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VocaTone & VocaloidMaster Release New Yohioloid Demo

Earlier today, Giuseppe-P, in association with VocaloidMaster and VocaTone, released a new demo with our first official look at Yohioloid’s English voicebank. The song is a cover of ‘Bodies’ by Robbie Williams.

In a commentary concerning the demo, Giuseppe states that he felt that Yohioloid had a lot in common with Robbie Williams’ style. He comments that both their voices are very versatile, and that finds the timbre of their voices very lovely.

He goes on to say that Yohioloid has some very similar qualities to Sweet Ann in that they both, when used properly, can be used for almost any kind of song. He states that his initial views changed radically after getting some hands-on time with the voicebank, asserting that it “would be a great Vocaloid”.

Beyond that, Giuseppe comments on some of the technical aspects of the voicebank and its recording process. He shares how difficult it is to record a voicebank, and how some Vocaloid sometimes end with less-than-stellar results because of that.

He adds that Yohio seemed differently-recorded than any Vocaloid he has previously worked with, with samples of better quality than any Vocaloid (English or Japanese) that he has ever worked with before.

Giuseppe goes on to explain some of technical challenges he faced creating this particular demo and how he wanted it to sound as “natural and real as possible” before finally ending his message with the following teaser:

The voicebank is coming soon[™]. There are more demos on their way, with some due as soon as next week, and he can’t wait to see what his fellow Producers do with this amazing Vocaloid.
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