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Vocaloid-Creativity Launches VocaNode Video Sharing Site

The people of Vocaloid-Creativity, a Vocaloid (and UTAU) producer community, have launched a new video and media sharing hub for Vocaloid and UTAU related videos, music, vlogs, and more.

The site doesn’t actually host the videos themselves, but instead is a database of YouTube and other media embeds, allowing its users to comment, link, favorite, and add videos to their playlists, and in many ways operates like a much more fully featured MikuBook.

That is about where the similarities end however. Instead featuring the Crypton-loids almost exclusively1 VocaNode is open to all Vocaloid and UTAU. Likewise rather than simply being a 3rd party posting videos, VocaNode requires that all videos added to the site to have been created by that user, and provides a unique channel of interacting with and discovering new producers.

Note 1 – MikuBook is owned and operated by Crpyon Future Media, Inc.

Additional features of this new site include:

  • A Live Ranking of all the videos on the site, compiled every 30 minutes.
  • Specific, easily searchable categories for originals, covers, art, and more.
  • A live chat where you can talk with other producers and fellow fans.
  • The VCC support network that are helping populate the video-help section.

For those interested you can visit the site at and can find the YouTube trailer embedded after the break.

[VocaNode Official Website]
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Celtic-loid Name Revealed to be “Avanna”

In an email response to XeyOiz of Vocaloidism, Dom Keeffe of Zero-G revealed the name of their upcoming Vocaloid 3 to be “Avanna”. He had no further details to report but the release date is expected to be ‘soon’™.

This corroborates our previous report Zero-G’s Celtic Vocaloid Coming Sooner Than You Expect where Dom revealed that their Vocaloid 3 had run into unexpected technical difficulties, but they were hoping to release her before summer’s end.

Additional details are pending but you can read the full email on Vocaloidism’s Avanna Reveal. You can track all of our previous and our continuing coverage on the new “Avanna” site tag.

Zero-G’s Summer’s End Sale

August marks the end of Zero-G’s annual summer sale. For those that didn’t pick anything up when we first reported it now is your chance. Zero-G is wrapping up the end of their Summer Sale with additional discounts.

The Vocaloid 2s Sonika, Prima, Tonio are available for $69.99/£44. For those interested in some of the original VOCALOIODs LEON, LOLA, and MIRIAM can be found at Zero-G’s Download Store for $39.99. These prices represent some of their lowest prices to date! If you have been looking to buy a Vocaloid now is your chance.

These deals end August 31st.
[Vocaloid @ Zero-G Download]

Spotlight: You and I’ll Fly Away

Stellar Factory finally uploaded their first PV and this one is a doosey. Their first finished PV is “You and I’ll Fly Away” by our very own Kodakami! This is a stellar start for Stellar Factory and hopefully we will see more collabs like this soon!

Not only is this a completely animated PV, but it also features a completely remastered version of the song. It features a revised and re-EQed version of the vocal track made for the PV. If you missed the original version of this song, and the great art by Myst check out it out here.

“Stellar Factory” Project Launches

A large-scale collaboration project is now underway and its team includes many veteran Vocaloid contributors that you may already be familiar with. The project is headed by Sappokei of #vocaloid-fanclub, and includes others like Myst, Peachbite, myself and more.

The goal of project “Stellar Factory” is to create a series of PVs (promotional videos) to promote Vocaloid originals in the West, as well as provide a support group to inspire, encourage, and support others to create their own fully animated PVs to Vocaloid music.

“Stellar Factory’s mission is to promote the creation of promotional videos to the western Vocaloid scene.”

~ Stellar Factory Mission Statement

Since the project is PV centric they don’t have any plans to produce music, but instead hope to work with established and upcoming producers who already make original music, and collaborate to make PVs to promote their work, and showcase some of the best works the west has to offer.

If you are an original song producer, have a song that you would like animated, and are interested in collaborating feel free to contact the Stellar Factory staff listed below.
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