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The Big Alliance Physical Edition Preorders Close Friday, December 6th

The Big Alliance is a compilation album celebrating the 10th anniversary of the English VOCALOID “BIG AL”. It is a collaboration of 15 artists, 13 producers, and 3 tuners to create a 12-track album. It is scheduled to release digitally later this month on December 22nd with the physical edition shipping out around that date. The last date to preorder the physical CD is this coming Friday, December 6th. Physical preorders include a digital download on release date.

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BoxStar Demos DeepVocal English Singthesis Engine

DeepVocal is a multi-language synthesis engine first announced in 2017 as SharpKey as part of the “Global Virtual Singer Support Project”, code-named SK Galaxy. The engine was developed by programmer and vocalist Boxstar in an effort to “create virtual singers that can sing better than real singers”. This week Boxstar announced the project is ready for beta and that they are looking for voice provider applicants for international voicebanks. Right now the engine supports English, Japanese, and Mandarin but the developers are looking to collaborate and expand support for other languages in the future.

The demo is sung with the EN beta of voicebank Wen Xi and does not reflect the final quality of the singer or the engine. The software does not include an English dictionary yet but does support manual inputs. The song itself is cover of the Gumi English original song Circles by KIRA-P. Feel free to give the demo a listen embedded below or on BiliBili here.

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Meiko Collab Album Kickstarter: Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry

Dark Chocolate and Maraschino Cherry, a Kickstarter launched by a (mostly) Western staff of 9 musicians, 10 artists, and support staff to create a MEIKO collaborative compilation album. The stated goal of the project is to “reflect the variety of tastes and styles created by different kinds of people through MEIKO” acknoleging MEIKO’s Japanese origins they state that “there are people all over the world who have come together through this kind of shared creative energy, and we are making this album in the hopes of expressing that”.

The album’s digital and physical releases are scheduled for May 5, 2019 (MEIKO Day). The Kickstarter for the project is live, already funded, and running through December 1st. Kickstarter rewards tiers include discounted digital downloads, exclusive off vocal tracks, the physical CDs, a sticker sheet, an exclusive pin, art previews, and continued project updates.

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