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Oliver Demo ‘Dinky Dink’ PV & Reference Sheet

Oliver’s next demo song is a cover of ‘Dinky Dink No Time To Think’ originally sung by Sonika.

A more cheerful and silly Oliver demo~! It even comes with a PV!

Song Title: Dinky Dink No Time To Think
Song/VSQ: Sopop (originally sung by Sonika)
Art/PV: Lawlietlk

Its a bit faster and a bit more upbeat than his previous demos so it should provide a closer look as to the possible pop applications of Oliver as he covers a Sonika song.

Oliver Reference Sheet by lawlietlk

Along with the PV Lawlietlk has been buisy. She has provided potential fan artists with this reference sheet on his design.

In other news the reception to Oliver’s the Scarborough Fair demo was so great Anders went ahead and made a full version.

For those interested be sure to read up on VocaRant’s continuing coverage on Oliver.

VOCALOID3 Oliver Art & Demos Released

VocaTone has released the the official art for PowerFX’s upcoming VOCALOID3 Oliver. The art is accompanied by the two audio demo songs “Circus Monster” and “Scarborough Fair”.

The art is by Lawlietlk and the VSQs were put together by Anders Sodergren himself. You can find the second demo “Circus Monster” at VocatoneOfficial or embedded after the break.

Oliver's Official Art. Click for High Res.

Below are some notes from Lawlietlk’s deviantArt post

The main inspirations for his outfit were the uniforms worn by the Vienna Boys Choir, and the kinds of clothes upper-class boys and men would wear in the late 18th-early 19th century. When I was first put up to the task of designing for Oliver, I was told he was a “classical” type VOCALOID, so naturally I went for a classical design.

The bandages are there for the sake of keeping the whole “monster” theme that PowerFX is known for. Stitches didn’t look quite right, so I went for bandages instead.

Only surprisingly late in development did we realize that our Oliver bore similarities to Oliver Twist. So that was just pure coincidence. 8P

James was referenced from other pictures of goldfinches. There was no reference used for Oliver.

For those interested I have written an opinion piece concerning Oliver on VocaRant.
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Zero-G’s VOCALOID3 & Physical Product Followup

As a part of our our previous article Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup we reached out to Dom Keeffe of Zero-G.

Among the questions we asked him was the possibility of Zero-G making a retail/physical versions of both their VOCALOID3 and the standalone Vocaloid 3 Editor.

We are still in negotiations with Yamaha as to selling the Vocaloid3 editor as a physical DVD here in the UK and abroad and are awaiting to hear further from them. I’ll let you know any news when we have it.

We also asked if Zero-G had any new details to share about their upcoming Vocaloid. Dom informed us that the art are done, the name is undecided, she will have a Celtic-inspired theme, and we can expect more complete details in an official announcement “soon” TM.

Vocaloid 3 Editor, Yamaha, & SoundsOnline Followup

As a followup to our previous article VOCALOID3 Available for Purchase I got in contact with both and Zero-G to clear up some of the confusion.

Here is the response I got from EastWest

Here is the real deal. Yamaha developed (or bought) the technology.

Zero-G in England did a deal with Yamaha and made product using this technology.

We sell the Zero-G products here in the US. If you want to review this software then you should contact Dom at Zero-G through their website.

Either the people at Yamaha are really bad at English or they are simply that disconnected, but it seems that there was a serious chain of miss-communication that led to much of the fandom being confused and the Vocaloid Wikia to report some wrong information.

When BenHo emailed Yamaha asking whether or not planned to make an English language version of their now JP-only site they somehow confused it with a question relating to an EN version of their Vocaloid 3 Editor.

In making their response to BenHo it seems Yamaha’s left hand didn’t know what the right hand was typing about and they mistakenly confused EastWest’s SoundsOnline as an Official Vocaloid distributor, when in fact they were a Zero-G re-distributor.

Said misinformation was posted on some forums, people replied, commented, and tweeted about it, the wiki reported it as ‘news’, followup emails ended up conflicting with initial reports, and overall much confusion was to be had.

While I did end up contacting Zero-G as EastWest suggested, the contents of said email probably warrant an article its own as it contained some juicy details concerning their upcoming Vocaloid 3. Check back soon when that article is posted later today. Tis 6:44 AM and I have yet to sleep.

Spotlight: Morning Light

I have been looking for a Prima original to spotlight for a while and imagine my surprise I found this gem by Vortex11316 in my inbox.

He is Vocaloid newcomer with this being first official release. Don’t underestimate him either, he is an experienced amateur musician with roots in garage bands dating back to the 70s.

Vortex’s Morning Light is has a New Age atmosphere with a 90s Pop hook. Aside from the Vocaloid vocals it is very reminiscent of Space Music and has a beautiful NASA slideshow to match.

Thanks for the reply. It would be an honor to have it featured.

This is my first original song using a Vocaloid. It’s a pop-style tune using Prima. I tried to make her sound as young as I could since her voice might be a bit mature for this kind of tune. Since this was my first Vocaloid creation, I focused on learning pronunciation using alternate phonemes, attack, and decay, and left the expression curves fixed. I’ll work on more expressiveness on future songs. The video is a collage of images from the NASA images website. I’m not a professional musician, but I’ve been creating instrumental music in my home studio since the days of 4-track reel-to-reel. Since discovering Vocaloids a few months back, I’ve been able to start to add vocals to the creative mix. Thanks for listening and thanks to all the musicians who have posted all the great Vocaloid examples. All comments, critiques, and creative ideas welcomed.

Alesis Micron
Electric Guitar
Vocaloid2 Prima
Sony Acid Pro (audio)
Sony Vegas Pro (video)

The music is very atmospheric and contemplated and with the Vocaloid vocals it is reminiscent of Malcolm Brown (LyleMusic) whom we have interviewed in the past.