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Spotlight: [Miriam] Sunset

Our first Video Spotlight is from Puffihn who has just returned from a 5 month YouTube hiatus and once again shows her Engloid mastery with a very clear and powerful Miriam in his latest Vocaloid Original “Sunset”.


Yes, I am alive! First I would like to thank everyone who subscribed while I was gone. I would have liked to thank you all individually. Also thanks to people who checked up on me. I saw the messages so late that I was too afraid to respond… oh I am so terrible ; ;
Aw heck, thanks everyone! I love you all xD

No pretty picture because I was hurrying this one out the door. But here is an mp3 –

And here are those karaoke things that you’re all free to do whatever you want with! Have fun –

Engloids Blog Recruiting

Engloids Blog is looking for people who are passionate about Engloids and Vocaloid in general.

There are a variety of positions available and if you are intersted feel free to contact Hentai via Email, YouTube, or Twitter.

  • Reporter (Associate Editor)
    You are on top of the latest news in the Engloid world and make sure that we have proper coverage. Better late than never our primary goal is maximum coverage so you will make sure we cover it.
  • Columnist (Contributing Editor)
    Are you interested in contributing a semi-regular column here on Engloids Blog? Be it music reviews, Engloid lessons, or simple opinion pieces we can be your soapbox and you can have your own page in the Columns section.
  • Editor (Copy Editor)
    How is your English spelling and grammar? Editors are in charge of making sure all our articles are top quality by double checking any mistakes the rest of us might make. You get to save us from looking like idiots.

Even if you don’t want to joining our blog team you can still contribute by sending any tips or suggestions to

If you are interested in simply making a guest appearance then contact

New Engloids Blog Launches!

Basic "E" Logo

Welcome to the New “Engloid’s Blog” now simply known as “Engloids”.

We are in not affiliated with the original Engloid’s Blog beyond the topic at hand and our love for Vocaloid, particularly Engloids.

The old Engloid’s Blog fell into disrepair with NoNeed4Cosplay/NoNeed4Vocaloid heading off for college and its adopter Tyetyez falling off the face of the earth. Without a caretaker the old blog came to a halt and at the time of posting hasn’t been updated in almost a year.

We hope to continue the tradition of Engloid love that NoNeed4Cosplay started and provide the latest and greatest coverage not only on the Engloids but on the producers, originals, and great work done with them.

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