Author: Hentai

Sweet Ann in My Ordinary Life

The anime Nichijou, translated “My Ordinary Life”, recently featured the Engloid Sweet Ann prominently in its “bumps”, short video segments separating a show from its commercial break, and backing track....

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AnimeExpo 2011 Prima Engloid Skit

With sentiments I can agree with PrimaLove of VocaloidOtaku and her RL friend as Len performed this skit during the Anime Expo 2011 Masquerade. I must say I love the accent and the entire persona she adopted as Prima. A bit more...

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Engloid Cosplay Video Tribute

With the statement I think all Engloid fans can agree with “Because they deserve some love too…” VO & YT user bonbondoodle created this video tribute to all the great Engloid cosplayers out there. This time...

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