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AnimeExpo 2011 Prima Engloid Skit

With sentiments I can agree with PrimaLove of VocaloidOtaku and her RL friend as Len performed this skit during the Anime Expo 2011 Masquerade. I must say I love the accent and the entire persona she adopted as Prima. A bit more...

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Engloid Cosplay Video Tribute

With the statement I think all Engloid fans can agree with “Because they deserve some love too…” VO & YT user bonbondoodle created this video tribute to all the great Engloid cosplayers out there. This time...

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Happy Birthday Sonika & Tonio!

Thats right its been a year already, or two in the case of Sonika (No, you are not getting old. No, you do not look fat in that dress.) Originally released July 14, 2009 Sonika is the fifth Vocaloid created by Zero-G and the...

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