Author: Kodakami

“Behind the Curtain” Project Launches

A large-scale collaboration project is now underway between some of the top names in the Western VOCALOID community. Participants in project “Behind the Curtain” are working to create a series of new original songs...

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Oliver Release Tomorrow (Discounts Apply)

In a surprise thread on, VocaTone CEO Anders has officially announced that Oliver will be released on December 21st, 2011. That’s tomorrow, people! In addition, the administration of VocaloidOtaku will be...

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PowerFX VOCALOID3 Release Date Rolls Back

PowerFX has recently updated the expected release date for their upcoming unnamed, nondescript, male VOCALOID3 voicebank. In an article at Vocaloidism, they have confirmed via Project Manager Andreas Tyson that the release date,...

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