Feature: Ecapsule Overview – Engloid Redesigns

There seems to have a serious lack of coverage of Ecapsule Co., Ltd., our friends in Taiwan. While other blogs might not care about these Engloid ports and redesigns, ‘Engloid’ is not only our middle name but our first and last name too!

First will take a look at Ecapsule the company, what they did with Sonika, the finally the latest of the Engloid imports with eCapsule Corp’s take on Zero-G’s Prima & Tonio as well as PowerFX’s Big Al & Sweet Ann.

Speaking of Capsule Corp that name makes me think of DBZ

Here we have the two versions of the Sonika boxart, the early silhouetted ‘teaser’ boxart to the right, and the official eCapsule Corp boxart that came out later.

Despite what was said earlier Sonika didn’t actually learn Mandrin. Instead Sonika’s release was the English SONiKA with a Chinese Dictionary and Chinese VOCALOID2 Editor.

Sonica's Mandarin Interface

On August 10, 2010 Sonika became the first Vocaloid to be released in Taiwain. Each box came with an instructional DVD, a comparative table of English and Chinese phonemes, and an explanatory leaflet which showed her accessibility to about 90% of the Chinese pronunciations.

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Where we will take a look at Capsule Corp’s take on Zero-G’s other Vocaloids Prima and Tonio!

  • I really enjoyed that Big Al demo. I have a feeling he’s going to be a hit in Taiwan!
    Good article. Very informative.

  • Kodakami

    Wow. Great stuff Hentai-P; very professional. I think the new avatars should catch on here in America. Honestly, in some cases they’re a lot better than the ones we tend to prefer. I wonder if Taiwan’s interest in Engloids will be a cause for a rise in popularity over here!

  • sleepysheep7

    Eh I personally hate the designs for taiwan but each market needs a different marketing style. Anyways I believe Prima design takes a heavy influences from Chinese opera houses and a huli jing ( demon fox from china used in alot of mythology ). While tonio design is based more on a oni/ demon( yes I know that is Japanese Mythology but I don’t know what it is called in Chinese ).

  • Maria Lara

    After some time passed I have let these “re-designs” grow on me a little. Only a little. I still cringe at the thought of Mr.McSparkley-pants Al and Shoujo Ann, but that’s only because I prefer the less Anime’d look to them. It’s what made them unique. As for Tonio and Prima, wasn’t surprised/impressed with their designs either…

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      • Opera Ghost

        Got it

  • Emmy-chan

    Okay, Prima’s demo above is in fact NOT speaking Mandarin, or any form of Chinese. If you listen closely, she’s speaking English.

    • Kodakami

      I told Hentai-P the same thing, but apparently he forgot to come around and change the videos up. Maybe this’ll encourage him to do so! ^^; Sorry about that.

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