Interview: MasterVocaloid/Giuseppe

Interview: MasterVocaloid/Giuseppe

Hello to you, I´m a new contributor, I actually subscribed here as a columnist, but I believe this worths the post. Yesterday I’ve spoken to someone I believe you all already know.

Giuseppe interview

José Lastras, also known as MasterVocaloid or Giuseppe, is an amateur musician and, I dare say, the best producer western VOCALOID fans have seen so far. Three months ago Giuseppe apparently left the fandom without further announcement. Many questions were left unanswered and lots of fans were sad about his sudden leave.

In this brief interview, José spoke about his work with VOCALOID, his relationship with the fandom, the reason why he erased his blog and he also reveals to us one more Spanish voicebank that remained unknown until this interview.

Mini: Giuseppe, how long have you been working with VOCALOID?
José: I began to play with VOCALOID in the year 2005, starting with Lola and Leon.

I posted some songs on the forum and the users liked them. In this forum I was contacted by Bill Bryan (PowerFX) to try a new voice. Sweet Ann with the new engine, VOCALOID2. Then Bill gave me an email from Anders (Zero-G) and asked me to try the voice of Prima.

M: From your experience, which one you consider the best VOCALOID to work with?
J: You can not choose easily, each voice has its own personality and they all work the same way. Now, with the new VOCALOID3 engine and the new way of recording the voices, everything will be easier.

M: You have inspired many people into working with VOCALOID. Do you have some advice for those people?
J: VOCALOID is a program of music and professional musicians (This was the first idea of Yamaha), but users have changed this purpose because of the characters. It’s great to see how users without knowledge of music want to play with VOCALOID, thanks to those users, VOCALOID continues forward. I hope that VOCALOID can continue forward and that the users involved will continue to push it forward.

M: Why have you deleted your blog?
J: My blog had few visitors. I do not dedicate myself to the characters, if not the voices. Maintaining a blog or a web domain requires time and dedication. Users prefer blogs or websites where they concentrate and share their characters.

M: Are you excited about the new Spanish VOCALOID?
J: Yes, I have collaborated in the creation of two voices in Spanish, a male and a female voice. Two fantastic voices, very easy to use, and will be liked by a lot of users of VOCALOID. Yamaha has given the possibility that voices can be made into more languages, thanks to the enthusiasm of the Spanish-speaking users, now we can do many voices in our language.

M: What have you learned from VOCALOID and it’s fan base?
J: I am an amateur musician, and through hard work and collaboration with VOCALOID, PowerFX, and Zero-G, I’ve worked hard to become a better musician, not only with VOCALOID, if not the music, instruments, mixing, etc. Yes, I’ve learned a lot and I continue learning.

M: Even if you don´t come back working with VOCALOID, would you consider working on it as a hobbie?
J: My future project with VOCALOID is to create a company and do many voices for VOCALOID. I hope that Yamaha will grant the necessary permits and licenses.

M: Do you see any future in VOCALOID and its music?
J: This will never be known with certainty. The beginning of VOCALOID was slow and has a bad reputation but things have changed and things will continue to change. VOCALOID is still a commercial product and it all depends on sales. If there are no buyers the desire to improve increasingly decreases.

So, I hope that the users do not get bored with making music and new characters. It is the users that let the future possibilities of VOCALOID exist.

VocaloidMaster´s Channel is still avaliable, you can check his works here.

Editor’s Thoughts:

I remember how sad I felt when I found out that the best vocaloid resource blog was deleted, I was curious about his reasons for doing so. I´ve never imagined that he, from all people, would reply my questions with such sympathy.

Sure he´s not a man of many words but I must confess I can´t describe how happy it made me, that the person who inspired me the most to reply my shy little message.

I´m speechless.

I want to thank everyone who supported José and José himself. I also want to thanks Roimata for editing this to me.

When I asked to edit this I had no words for how excited and happy I felt. Being given the chance to edit news as fantastic as this, it gives you such an exhilarating feeling but, anyways, before I continue to rant I want to first of all say thank you for reading. I tried my best in editing this for everyone. I will love to hear mistakes and things pointed out so that others will be aware of it and thus, gain a much better understanding.

Sorry, if the whole capitalization of VOCALOID bothers you. It’s a habit of mine that I developed.

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