AnimeExpo 2011 Prima Engloid Skit

With sentiments I can agree with PrimaLove of VocaloidOtaku and her RL friend as Len performed this skit during the Anime Expo 2011 Masquerade.

I must say I love the accent and the entire persona she adopted as Prima. A bit more effort than the Mirai no Neiro cosplayers, but then again this is an Engloid so I am obviously and unashamedly bias.

Highlights include her referring to Miku as the “dreaded pigtailed monster” and Rin as Len’s “insufferable sister”.

It is probably not the kind skit non-Engloid fans would enjoy (I would say ‘Vocaloid fans’ but some Crypton fans might take offense) but it is better than most your Convention Masquerade fare.

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Video Courtesy: American Cosplay Paradise

  • Kodakami

    Loved Prima’s persona in this. I wish there could be a whole Engloid cosplay troupe. I’d totally participate (I was at AX, but in Touhou cosplay). Could make a great YouTube mini-series.

  • I loved that so much! My inner fan girl is wailing
    Prima sure has some attitude in this.
    I can’t wait to send this to everyone.

  • Prima :3

    I’m glad you guys liked my skit >3< My friends and I worked really hard on it. Thanks to my buddy, Cessie (more known as a Black Star cosplayer) for being my Len and my buddy, Liz (who was going to be Luka but had to drop out at the last minute) for making the awesome costume for me. :3