AnimeBanzai Recap & VOCALOID3 Oliver Silhouette

AnimeBanzai and its Vocaloid panel have come to a close and despite technical difficulties reports suggest that it was huge success. Unfortunately they didn’t allow recording of the panel itself and none of the Engloids Info staff was able to attend, so we will have to wait for a full write-up when/if a generous attendee/blogger decides to make one at a later date. If you went to the panel and are interested in sharing your experience with our readership feel free to contact me.

Though we weren’t able to get a recording of the panel the event organizers were kind enough to share this video intro that was made for the panel and features a variety of artwork from various sources including illustrations by some of the event staff. It may have Miku vocals in the background but the video itself is not without some Engloid love so I am more than happy to share it with you. Until Miku’s English voicebank is finished this is one of the rare chances we get to see Miku on this site.

For those who were lucky to attend they did play an audio demo of some of Oliver’s songs but the PA system was less than ideal and the speakers kinda/sorta ate all his consonants. Fear not however because according to the VocaTone staff we can expect an online demo “soon” TM

Update: Since the publishing of this article the VocaTone community officers have been authorized to release this video clip which contains the above intro video plus the first couple minutes where the staff introduce themselves and the panel.

Beyond the intro video and audio demo that we weren’t able to get a recording of, probably the most significant piece of info to leak from the previously mentioned AnimeBanzai Vocaloid Panel is the full body silhouette of Oliver’s official art:

This is a significant expansion on the previously covered teaser of his hat and bird “character item”, more specifically, his American Goldfinch companion. There is of course a lot of speculation but beyond this sketchy silhouette both PowerFX & VocaTone are being shy with the details.

Feel free to comment on this post or join the official speculation/news thread on VO.

For those of you who don’t feel like catching up on the 900+ posts I have included some of the highlights from the thread on the next page.

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A vector trace of the silhouette, some interesting silhouette guesswork, and some fanart of some pretty conclusive character speculation!

Editor’s Note: As this is a developing story, rather than post a lot of articles on the same topic or not comment on the continuing speculation at all, we have decided to continue updating this post regularly, until enough new information is released that Vocaloid3 Oliver that he warrants a new article. Check back often for the latest updates!

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