AnimeBanzai Recap & VOCALOID3 Oliver Silhouette

After the silhouette image was released people began coloring it in and doing some guesswork on what the character might look like. Below is an example by Aërendyll where she does her take on what she thinks Oliver might look like based on the Silhouette, details given on the thread, and her own creative licence. [Source Post]

To aid in the continuing discussion and inspired by some of the art posted in the thread Crossfrown, a member of VocaTone, released the below clean render silhouette of Oliver’s official character art. [Source Post]

After viewing the video footage released on the panel people began commenting on the Dappleback’s unknown cosplay and the possibility that she might be cosplaying the yet to be released Oliver that they were previewing from the event. [source post]

Below is am embed of the video footage forwarded to the proper timestamp.

With the speculation pointing toward Dappleback’s possible cosplay of Oliver began to take a life of its own and even spawned some of its own and fanart of the cosplay/Oliver concept began to appear as seen below [Source Post]


Editor’s Note: As this is a developing story, rather than post a lot of articles on the same topic or not comment on the continuing speculation at all, we have decided to continue updating this post regularly, until enough new information is released that Vocaloid3 Oliver that he warrants a new article. Check back often for the latest updates!

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