“Behind the Curtain” Project Launches

Behind the Curtain Project

A large-scale collaboration project is now underway between some of the top names in the Western VOCALOID community. Participants in project “Behind the Curtain” are working to create a series of new original songs designed to spread awareness of bullying and sexual harassment. The deadline, February 29th, known in Canada as Pink Shirt Day, is a day set aside to draw attention to the victims of bullying and other forms of harassment.

Organized by VOCALOID Community member Aelita via YouTube (YouTube channel “meganekkoAeli”), the invited participants have now moved to Skype and are well on the way to completion.

 “I’ve named the project ‘Behind the Curtain’. The curtain is a representation of the media and how they hide and even dehumanize social issues such as bullying and sexual abuse to the point where it becomes more of a literary tool than an actual issue. My intent with this project is to lift that curtain, by showing that such pain is REAL, and that it is one of THE MOST painful things one will experience.”

~Aelita, Project Organizer

Despite being a collaboration of VOCALOID fans, there is no requirement to use the software at all. The members are divided into two groups: Producers who write the music, and EVVs (English VOCALOID Vocalists, also called Utaites) who sing the music.  On the whole, the group has been organized into pairs; one Producer, and one EVV per team.

The list of participants has changed a bit since the project began and is likely to shift here and there, but here is the roster at this moment:

Producers Utaites (EVVs)
Vocalekt Visions
Hoshizora Project
Self-selected Vocalist
Self-selected Vocalist


Videos for the completed songs will be uploaded to the Producers’ YouTube Channels, with a compilation of previews on the project’s own channel, btcvocaloidproject. You can also find information about their progress on the group’s Twitter feed, btc_vocaloid.

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I'm an independent video game musician with a love for VOCALOID music. I've written a few Engloid originals, and always have more in the works (though it takes me a while to release them). I own Big Al, Sweet Ann, Oliver, Galaco, LOLA, LEON, and MIRIAM.

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