CYBER-series Product Discontinuation & Relaunch of

CYBER-series Product Discontinuation & Relaunch of

Yamaha has big things planned for Specifics have yet to be revealed but one of the few things announced was the promotional sale, and coming discontinuation of many of their Vocaloid4 products, including, but not limited to their Engloids CYBER DIVA, CYBER SONGMAN, Megpoid English, and all their respective Starter Packs.

Products to be Discontinued

The site will be taken down on July 12th (Japan Time), relaunch is expected to be on the 13th. For those of us in the United States we will no longer be able to purchase CYBER DIVA or CYBER SONGMAN after July 11th. If you were interested in these Vocaloid, please purchase them now.

Official Announcement

The full list of discontinued products is available after the jump

Full Product Discontinuation List

  • VOCALOID4 Editor upgrade version
  • VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase upgrade version
  • VY1V4
  • VY1V4 upgrade version
  • VY2V3
  • Rana V4 upgrade version
  • Fukase starter pack
  • Tone Rion V4 upgrade version
  • v4 flower upgrade version
  • VOCALOID SHOP Selection
  • VOCALOID SHOP Selection Starter Pack for Cubase
  • VOCALOID VY2 + ZOLA Starer Pack
  • VOCALOID VY2 + ZOLA Starer Pack for Cubase
  • VOCALOID Fiery Starter Pack
  • VOCALOID Fiery Starter Pack for Cubase
  • V4 VocaListener
  • V4 VocaListener upgrade version


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