English Vocaloid Official Returns, Calls You a Dummy

English Dummy Website

What ever happened to the good old Lorem Ipsum content placholders?

Its been 4 months since we covered the original’s demise in Yamaha Updates Official Vocaloid Site, Snuffs English Version and finally we got wind of a new English Vocaloid.com in the works.

At the moment it password protected, hidden from the public, and is limited to placeholder, ahem, “dummy” info but it is a good sign of things to come. For those of you who would like a sneak preview of whats in the works I have compiled a composite image.

It is very much in line with the main Vocaloid.com and is very VOCALOID3-centric promoting the various Vocaloid 3s, the full Vocaloid 3 editor, and the English version of VocaloidStore.com that we covered earlier inĀ VOCALOID3 Editor Available for Purchase

Hopefully this time around Yamaha will get around to updating the thing every once in a while. The old one was neglected and hadn’t been updated since 2009. If you want to enjoy a blast to the past I saved a screenshot of the old website.

So here is to the future, to Yamaha, and (hopefully) to their renewed commitment to the English speaking audience and those abroad.

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