Engloid Doujinshi to Be Available Online & Overseas

In a recent series of tweets project leader Tama went over his plans to sell the remainder of the books published online through their sales partner Alice-Books.

Alice-Books is one of the internet’s largest mail-order doujinshi distributors selling everything from doujin manga, indie games, to self published VOCALOID music. Beyond simply allowing people who missed VOC@LOID M@STER 17 to buy the book, this partnership will also allow overseas fans a chance at owning this book through Alice-Book’s international shipping options.

The system is not automated and you will have to send your payment via PayPal but if Tama’s deal with Alice-Books goes through Western Engloid fans will have their first shot at owning the world’s first Engloid-centeric doujin anthology.

For more information check out the Circle’s Mail Order Page under the “About Overseas shipping” headline for details as they develop.

Special thanks to staff member Myst for contributing to this report.

[Tama’s Twitter] [Circle Homepage] [Alice-Books ]

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