Engloids.Info Staff is Back from Anime Los Angeles 2012

Hello English Vocal Synthesis world! Kodakami here, and I’m freshly back from the Anime LA 2012 convention, where I was able to make it to two VOCALOID panels, one of which I was graciously invited to attend as a special guest! I believe Hentai is going to be covering the latter panel in more detail than I can, but I’m just here to mention it in passing as a teaser.

I had the honor of meeting some awesome people in this blossoming Western VOCALOID community including Tempo-P of Vocalekt Visions, OperaGhost from here at Engloids.Info and DeviantART, and 39DIYMMDConcert who, among a few others, has made it his personal mission to put the technology necessary for a VOCALOID concert into the hands of the common fan. Everyone I ran into was so fun and helpful, which gives me hope for the future of Engloids, as well as the Western VOCALOID community as a whole!

Look forward to a full article dedicated to the panel in the next day or two. As for me, I believe I have an English UTAU original to get back to.

Happy sequencing!

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I'm an independent video game musician with a love for VOCALOID music. I've written a few Engloid originals, and always have more in the works (though it takes me a while to release them). I own Big Al, Sweet Ann, Oliver, Galaco, LOLA, LEON, and MIRIAM.

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