Internet Co. Demos English Megpoid Beta


In what can only be described as the ultimate scoop Internet Co. released a demo of a very early ‘beta’ version of English Megpoid on the exact same day that Crypton debuted their EN Kaito. Not only did they release their demo on the same day on the same day, but Internet Co. takes Crypton to school on how demos should be done.

The Megpoid demo is much more flattering of the Vocaloid’s voice, showcases much of their Megpoid’s strenghts, and does an excellent job showcasing what we have to look foward to in English Megpoids continuing development. You can really tell that Internet Co. cared about making a positive first impression and Neutrino, of Vocalekt Visions, did an excellent job of tuning Gumi to make sure her debut was extra special for the fans.

For those unfamiliar Megpoid, otherwise known as ‘Gumi’ by fans, is a Vocaloid voiced by Megumi Nakajima. She is one of the few non-Crypton Vocaloids to appear in videogames including a featured apparance in the 3DS’s Future Stars: Project Mirai and the starring role in the PSP’s upcoming Megpoid the Music# which is titled after her. With her vocal provider’s Filipino-Japanese background an English voicebank has always been of particular interest.

We are excited to see all these English Vocaloids coming out soon, the demo collabs with Western artists, and look forward to seeing more of English Megpoid to come.

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