New Engloid Boxart for the Taiwan Distribution

E-Capsule, the corporation responsible for the distribution for the English Vocaloid in Taiwan, redesigned all English Vocaloid2 today. The boxarts of the upcoming release were showed to us together with a profile for each English Vocaloid. Now each Vocaloid has an ‘official’ profile along with Sonika. For more info on their redesign check out our previous E-Capsule Overview.

Here are the new box arts. Feel free to click them for the full profile.

Or read the translated versions after the jump.


Original Distributor: Zero-GAge: 17Height: 160cm/5’3″

Weight: 45kg/99 lbs

Language: English

Genre: Pop

Range: G3~D5

Tempo: 75-160 BPM

Original Distributor: Zero-GAge: 18Height: 156cm/5″1.4″

Weight: 42kg/92.4 lbs

Language: English

Genre: Opera and New Age

Range: Eb3~E5

Tempo: 75-160 BPM

Original Distributor: Zero-GAge: 27Height: 183cm/6’0″

Weight: 78kg/171.6 lbs

Language: English

Genre: Classical and Opera

Range: G2~D4

Tempo: 60-140 BPM

* Sonika’s Taiwan profile is different from the one on ZERO-G’s Official Sonika Website



Sweet Ann
Big Al
Original Distributor: PowerFXAge: 23Height: 162cm/5’3.8″

Weight: 46kg/101.2 lbs

Language: English

Genre: Lyrical Nostalgia

Range: C3~C5

Tempo: 65-155 BPM

Original Distributor: PowerFXAge: 21Height: 185cm/6’2.8″

Weight: 73kg/160.6 lbs

Language: English

Genre: Electronic Rock

Range: G1~D3

Tempo: 70-145 BPM


Let´s remember some demos for their releases!

What did you guys think of these boxarts?

I found their design simply amazing! Clean and pretty, like Sonika´s boxart.

  • Mew

    I LOVE the new characters designs! Sweet Ann dosen’t look scary any more and everyone looks awesome! ^___^

  • *rubs chin* It used to bother me that they were redesigned for different audiences, but as long as they get promoted, right?

    I just noticed this now, but the sides of the box art feature, what I think is “chibi” versions of their respective characters?

    The re-designs look fantastic, though. I do hope someone puts together a DECENT demo, not some half-assed one where they are flailing in Korean, or this trans-oceanic release would be utterly embarrassing.

    • Mini

      yes each box art has their chibi versions in the side

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  • Awesome update! Prima seems to have a profile of a “puppet”?

    Similar to how Miki looks a lot like an android with her visible hinges/platelets.

    I do wonder why the weight and heights are so odd. They are either too short or they weight way too little.

  • Ilove the new sweet ann design she doesn’t look scary, she’ more like a cowgirl timetraveler, but the design of prima doesn’t match with her voice it’s like iroha, both are too cute to their great and lower voices

  • 2shoes

    WOAH. The font and colors astounds me!

    Sonika’s Taiwan profile is not the same as the one on zero-g website though. If the * meant 2 profiles instead of a new one, then nevermind.

  • 0toto

    Prima is my only complain XD

    she looks way out of place for her voice. The rest are good though. 83