New Zero-G Vocaloid 4 “Dex” and “Daina” Revealed in Live Stream & Convention Panel

New Zero-G Vocaloid 4 “Dex” and “Daina” Revealed in Live Stream & Convention Panel

The new Zero-G Vocaloid 4s “Dex” and “Daina” had their global reveal in a simultaneous live stream and convention panel. The panel was at Anime Mid Atlantic hosted by AkiGlancy (Empath-P) and the live stream on YouTube hosted by nostraightanswer (Kenji-B).

The official art, voicebank names, summer release date, and three demos were all debuted. While we were not able to attend the AMA panel hosted by Kenji-B we were able to attend the online YouTube livestream and noted the following details.

Voicebank Demo

The (unofficial) video above features clips of “Fade” “Pushing Daisies” and “Wicked Girl and Tin Boy”

Songs Demoed Included

  1. Fade by CircusP
  2. Pushing Daisies by Kenji-B
  3. Respire by Kenji-B
  4. Wicked Girl and Tin Boy by EmpathP

No full versions of the demo songs and art have been released yet, but Kenji did comment that they will be posted as soon as they receive permission to do so.

Q&A Session Summary

Dex Daina
B1-F#3 Logical Range
Not as Expressive Overall
Further Along in Development
G2-C4 Logical Range
More Expressive in Highs
Still in Development, Improving

Table summary of comparison topics covered in the Q&A

One of the first questions asked was how many pitches Dex & Daina would have. In response Kenji compared the two to “Cyber Diva”, listing that like CyVa they would have 3x pitches for articulations and 6x more pitches for stationaries. When asked about possible Japanese support Kenji said it would be “improved but not guaranteed” mentioning a new “tap” vowel.

Later, when a similar question was asked about possible French or Spanish support, Kenji was hesitant to reply. A chat moderator assisting with the Q&A commented over Skype that Vocaloid additional language support usually depends more on the user and their familiarity with the language in question, rather than the Vocaloid itself, citing specific usage examples.

Opinions expressed by Kenji included how he thought they both responded well to tuning, specifically the gender factor and how they were both “easier to mix than Avanna” stating how much easier they were to tune and how accurate the pitches were on their samples.

Additional details revealed included the two Vocaloids were kemonomini inspired by “The Fox and the Hound”, with Dex having Wolf traits and Daina having Fox traits, specifically. The Vocaloids are said to have an “American” accent, and how the release goal is sometime this “Summer”.

No demos were provided of their V4 growls as they were not ready in time for the stream. When asked about Cross-Synthesis (XSY Support) Kenji did confirm that at the banks would not be compatible at release. He did however did not rule it out as a possibility, stating that it is something Zero-G might consider adding in the future depending on sales.

Many questions were asked about price, marketing, physical boxes, the availability of a bundles, either with both voicebanks, or the possibility of a Starter Pack, but Kenji was unable to comment. He did state that they were planned for a “Summer” release, they would be “priced similarly to Avanna” but gave no further details on Zero-G’s plans.

Closing Note

Throughout the stream Kenji reiterated that everything shown was subject to change at Zero-G’s discretion. As the voicebanks are still in development and nothing is final, expect things to change as we approach release.

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