Oliver Demo ‘Dinky Dink’ PV & Reference Sheet

Oliver’s next demo song is a cover of ‘Dinky Dink No Time To Think’ originally sung by Sonika.

A more cheerful and silly Oliver demo~! It even comes with a PV!

Song Title: Dinky Dink No Time To Think
Song/VSQ: Sopop (originally sung by Sonika)
Art/PV: Lawlietlk

Its a bit faster and a bit more upbeat than his previous demos so it should provide a closer look as to the possible pop applications of Oliver as he covers a Sonika song.

Oliver Reference Sheet by lawlietlk

Along with the PV Lawlietlk has been buisy. She has provided potential fan artists with this reference sheet on his design.

In other news the reception to Oliver’s the Scarborough Fair demo was so great Anders went ahead and made a full version.

For those interested be sure to read up on VocaRant’s continuing coverage on Oliver.

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