Pacific Media Expo Concert Detailed, Tickets Available Now!

Pacific Media Expo Concert Detailed, Tickets Available Now!

Synthesized Reality Productions covered previously in Fan Group Seeks to Crowdfund Convention Concert reached their funding goal with more than 2 weeks left on their campaign.

With their Kickstarter fully funded and their much needed projector now secured, the details for their upcoming Los Angeles concert have been release and tickets are now available. Space at the concert hall is limited so seating will be reserved and tickets, though free, will be required and seats are going fast.

SRP’s Kickstarter still has more than two weeks left on their project. Tickets to the concert are free but if you would like to support their efforts stretch goals on their campaign include an improved projector, and additional stage gear including lighting and sound equipment. Check out their campaign page for more on their goals and rewards tiers.

Beyond opening event registration Pacific Media Expo also released the event program detailing the full track listing what we can expect to see as part of SRP’s upcoming show. It includes songs licenced from producers like Mitchie M, Daniwell, GaGain, Seibin JesusP, kagomeP, FeiP, and Vocalekt Visions featuring the likes of Gumi, Miku, SeeU, Lily, CUL, Rin and Len.

The program’s full track listing is available after the jump.

Freely Tomorrow • Mitchie M feat. GUMI
未来時計AM430 • Tonbo feat. GUMI
だってだってだって • Takanon feat. GUMI
Neutrino • Vocalekt Visions feat. Miku
Nekomimi Switch • Daniwell feat. Miku
Seasons changes • Vocalekt Visions feat. Miku
Arirang • GaGain feat. SeeU
Umbrella • Seibin feat. SeeU
Remote Control • JesusP feat. Rin & Len
Te-yut-te • FeiP feat. Rin
Overseas Travel • Vocalekt Visions feat. GUMI
Wonderful Nippon • kagomeP feat. GUMI, Lily, CUL
Eazy Dance • Mitchie M feat. Miku
Senbonzakura • KurousaP feat. Miku

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