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Zero-G’s Summer’s End Sale

August marks the end of Zero-G’s annual summer sale. For those that didn’t pick anything up when we first reported it now is your chance. Zero-G is wrapping up the end of their Summer Sale with additional discounts.

The Vocaloid 2s Sonika, Prima, Tonio are available for $69.99/£44. For those interested in some of the original VOCALOIODs LEON, LOLA, and MIRIAM can be found at Zero-G’s Download Store for $39.99. These prices represent some of their lowest prices to date! If you have been looking to buy a Vocaloid now is your chance.

These deals end August 31st.
[Vocaloid @ Zero-G Download]

“Stellar Factory” Project Launches

A large-scale collaboration project is now underway and its team includes many veteran Vocaloid contributors that you may already be familiar with. The project is headed by Sappokei of #vocaloid-fanclub, and includes others like Myst, Peachbite, myself and more.

The goal of project “Stellar Factory” is to create a series of PVs (promotional videos) to promote Vocaloid originals in the West, as well as provide a support group to inspire, encourage, and support others to create their own fully animated PVs to Vocaloid music.

“Stellar Factory’s mission is to promote the creation of promotional videos to the western Vocaloid scene.”

~ Stellar Factory Mission Statement

Since the project is PV centric they don’t have any plans to produce music, but instead hope to work with established and upcoming producers who already make original music, and collaborate to make PVs to promote their work, and showcase some of the best works the west has to offer.

If you are an original song producer, have a song that you would like animated, and are interested in collaborating feel free to contact the Stellar Factory staff listed below.
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Yamaha Launches Official Vocaloid Facebook Page

In a surprising turn of events Yamaha has finally decided to catch up with the times and embrace social media by creating an official VOCALOID Facebook page. They announced plans to make the page a hub of information on Vocaloid and Vocaloid usage including, interviews, guides, events, news, and more.

As of yet the page is still empty, but they do have two English language press releases:

  • In the first they go over what they want to do with the page, what VOCALOID is, and how VOCALOID is the technology that powers Hatsune Miku.
  • In the second they direct fans to their English website, which has been around since April.

Unsurprisingly the Engloids (and the Esploids) are nowhere to be seen. Maybe down the road we can look forward to a special “Overseas Vocaloids” corner in the future.

Official English press releases embedded after the jump.

[Yamaha’s Official Vocaloid Facebook]

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SeeU English Update + Vocal Source Performing in English

With questions about SeeU on the English still freash on the mind and a certain Engloids.Info editor working on an original featuring her, we decided to take another look at SeeU and how her upcoming English voice-bank is doing. According to SBS Artech’s Official SeeU Twitter they began recording the EN samples began as far back as late February [source] and judging by one of our reader’s attempt at “The Kit Kat Challenge“, we can’t wait for full English support.

Kit Kat Bar by Lucas Banh

As if we weren’t excited enough user Yuno of VocaloidOtaku found this clip of SeeU’s vocal source, 17 year old Dahee Kim (김다희) of the K-pop girl band “GLAM”, performing “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys as part of a larger TV segment and interview of MTV Korea where Dahee meeting a vocaloid producer and an utaite and they talk about SeeU’s voice.

We here at Engloids.Info can’t wait to see what else is in store for English SeeU! Special thanks to everyone in the SeeU English Thread on VocaloidOtaku for helping contribute to this report.

Zero-G’s Summer Sale

Its that time of the year again! Zero-G has begun their annual Summer Sale where you can get 25% off all VOCALOID1s in the Zero-G Download Store but also discounts on Sonika, Tonio, and Prima at each of their respective websites for just under $100:

Its not just VOCLAOID either, Zero-G has many other sample libraries and instruments on sale, for up to 50% off! Be sure to check them out! Sale should last till the end of June.

[Zero G Download Shop]