PowerFX Pulls the Curtain, Presents Vocaloid 4 Ruby

PowerFX Pulls the Curtain, Presents Vocaloid 4 Ruby

Without much fanfare, not even a tweet on their official twitter, PowerFX has released Vocaloid 4. In a surprise turn of events on the official product listing and latest demo by VocaloidMaster (embedded below) there is no official character artwork. Instead, they feature a set of stage curtains being drawn and the text “Presenting Ruby”.

This strange release decision is likely related to the controversy previously covered in Behind the Scenes: PowerFX & Vocaloid 4 Ruby. With so much furor and pushback over the AnimeExpo reveal event’s character art PowerFX may have chosen to sidestep the controversy by not including anything whatsoever. Its unclear whether the software splash is similarly art-less as none of the Engloids.Info staff have purchased the product yet.

On Twitter Ruby’s Lead Developer Syo released a custom dictionary using Ruby’s new phonemes. As always it is probably better to avoid the dictionary pronunciations when possible but without much documentation on the new phonemes added in Vocaloid 4 this should help new and veteran users alike.

Ruby is available for $99.95 from PowerFX.com with the Vocaloid 4 Editor available separately for $108 from EN VocaloidStore. Those upgrading from the Vocaloid 3 Editor can purchase the Vocaloid 4 Upgrade for 50% off. For those wanting the physical editions supposedly a physical version of Ruby is on the horizon and as per Yamaha USA Stocks Vocaloid 4 Products the DVD editor is actually cheaper than VocaloidStore’s DL thanks to the sale and free shipping.

Official Demo by VocaloidMaster (Giuseppe)


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