PowerFX VOCALOID3 Release Date Rolls Back

PowerFX has recently updated the expected release date for their upcoming unnamed, nondescript, male VOCALOID3 voicebank.

In an article at Vocaloidism, they have confirmed via Project Manager Andreas Tyson that the release date, whether by miscommunciation or an unexpected hold placed by time constraints or YAMAHA themselves, will be reset to early November.

All of us here at Engloids.Info have been highly anticipating this release, and will continue to wait as long as it takes. Let’s not forget that in the past, PowerFX has been known to restart projects that weren’t up to their standards of quality. We can all at least be reassured by that fact that what they will be delivering come early November is something worth waiting for!

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I'm an independent video game musician with a love for VOCALOID music. I've written a few Engloid originals, and always have more in the works (though it takes me a while to release them). I own Big Al, Sweet Ann, Oliver, Galaco, LOLA, LEON, and MIRIAM.

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