SeeU English Update + Vocal Source Performing in English

With questions about SeeU on the English still freash on the mind and a certain Engloids.Info editor working on an original featuring her, we decided to take another look at SeeU and how her upcoming English voice-bank is doing. According to SBS Artech’s Official SeeU Twitter they began recording the EN samples began as far back as late February [source] and judging by one of our reader’s attempt at “The Kit Kat Challenge“, we can’t wait for full English support.

Kit Kat Bar by Lucas Banh

As if we weren’t excited enough user Yuno of VocaloidOtaku found this clip of SeeU’s vocal source, 17 year old Dahee Kim (김다희) of the K-pop girl band “GLAM”, performing “Fallin'” by Alicia Keys as part of a larger TV segment and interview of MTV Korea where Dahee meeting a vocaloid producer and an utaite and they talk about SeeU’s voice.

We here at Engloids.Info can’t wait to see what else is in store for English SeeU! Special thanks to everyone in the SeeU English Thread on VocaloidOtaku for helping contribute to this report.

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