Sinsy Updates to 3.3 & Releases English Demo

English Sinsy Demo

Wow, this last week will probably be known as the week of the EN Demo. Not only did we have Avanna’s Demos+Release, Kaito English, & Gumi English but an English Sinsy as well. Sinsy updated to version 3.3 and released their first demo showcasing its English capabilities.

The song is a familiar one, The Beatle’s Yesterday, a song that has been covereed over 2,000 times by various artists and synthesizers. As for Xian-Ling’s singing, her transitions are a bit odd, pronunciation good, vocals sharp and clear. Overall is an excellent demo.

For the unfamiliar Sinsy its a HMM-based singing voice synthesis system. Powered by a web-based interface Sinsy is able to interpret MusicXML musical scores into a singing vocal sample up to 5 minutes long. Sinsy MusicXMLs can be created in Cadencii, MuseScore or Finale NotePad.

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  • Sleepysheep7

    Well it is interesting but it still has a long way to go in development. I just tried to make Sinsy sing ” You Say that I’m Messing with your head” using muscescore in Xml format and it did fine up until the word “Messing” then it fell apart completely and became inaudible jumble of sounds.Still for something that is free it does have some high quality to it.

  • KitWistful

    Still working on it. It seems Music XML takes every syllable by itself, and I haven’t found any way to enter multisyllable words without using words like “mul” “tee” “sih “luh” “bul”. I haven’t 100% figured out which syllablic words work, either XD

    I’ve made two thingies with her so far:

    Secret Cover –
    Mag’s Music Box (this is my song) –

    I love Xiang-Ling’s voice to death, but she has some pronunciation/engine issues that make her hard to love sometimes ^^; It’s also difficult to get a sense of what parameters actually run through Sinsy’s engine (partially because I find Musescore awful! You know you have a bad deal, when you feel like Cadencii is less of a pain. Dear reader, do you know what Cadencii is? Do you know how off-model that statement is?

    That reminds me, I should go revive my Cadencii-user-thread on Utaforum

    Anyways, I love Xiang-Ling and I love that this happened. Based on what I’ve done so far, I’m worried about how viable she’s gonna be. But I’m hoping that I’ll work something out. The endpoint of my tinkering is writing a tutorial of some sort, I think. I think it would be a shame if she’s left behind or forgotten…

  • That VocaFREAK

    Interesting. All the more reason I’m going to try out Sinsy. If only Cadencii didn’t have so many bugs…

  • bvklkla

    Here’s a demo in English: