“Stellar Factory” Project Launches

A large-scale collaboration project is now underway and its team includes many veteran Vocaloid contributors that you may already be familiar with. The project is headed by Sappokei of #vocaloid-fanclub, and includes others like Myst, Peachbite, myself and more.

The goal of project “Stellar Factory” is to create a series of PVs (promotional videos) to promote Vocaloid originals in the West, as well as provide a support group to inspire, encourage, and support others to create their own fully animated PVs to Vocaloid music.

“Stellar Factory’s mission is to promote the creation of promotional videos to the western Vocaloid scene.”

~ Stellar Factory Mission Statement

Since the project is PV centric they don’t have any plans to produce music, but instead hope to work with established and upcoming producers who already make original music, and collaborate to make PVs to promote their work, and showcase some of the best works the west has to offer.

If you are an original song producer, have a song that you would like animated, and are interested in collaborating feel free to contact the Stellar Factory staff listed below.

Sappokei Direction | Illustrations | PV
Alphonse Illustrations | PV | Subtitles
AzulEnergy Public Relations
Hentai PV | Effects | Subtitles
Peache Illustrations
Mew Illustrations | PV
Myst PV
Anarnee Illustrations
Spazzehbat PV | Subtitles

Though not recruiting at this moment Stellar Factory is looking for community input. If you have any questions regards the project check out the VO News Thread or comment below.

If you are a producer looking to collaborate, you can contact the team via email.

Feel free to check out their YouTube and Twitter for more info. Subscribe and expect their first PVs in the coming days.

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