Vocaloid 4 Dex and Daina Release, Special Launch Discount

Vocaloid 4 Dex and Daina Release, Special Launch Discount

We are proud to announce that Zero-G have released their much anticipated Vocaloid 4 voicebanks “Dex” and “Daina” male and female virtual singers. Though released as a pair and not available as a bundle Zero-G are offering them at a special introductory price for their first week of sale.

For a limited time both Dex and Daina will be on sale for $49.99, $20 off their MSRP of $69.99. Buy the pair together for an additional 10% off totalling $89.99 for both Vocaloid 4, discount applied at checkout. Get them while you can both as Vocaloid and as a deal, it doesn’t get much better than this!

If for whatever reason you do not like buying from Zero-G directly expect the pair to also be available from other retailers such as BigFishAudio, Time+Space, Best Service and Crypton as early as next week. [1]

Do note that both Dex and Daina require the Vocaloid 4 Editor software, which is not included with the purchase. The Vocaloid 4 Editor can be bought separately either from Yamaha USA as a DVD, or as a digital download from the almost defunct Vocaloid Store.


  1. ^ According to Kenji-B on Twitter

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