Vocaloid Lucía Created, MasterVocaloid Seeking Publisher

Friend of the blog, José Lastras, also known as MasterVocaloid or Giuseppe-P has recorded and sequenced a new Vocaloid prototype named “Lucía”. Describing her as “sweet” and “pretty” he released a this playlist to showcase the voicebank’s capabilities. For art end he commissioned two character design concepts from artists Aki Glancy and Riisago respectively.

In the Facebook announcement revealing the project he said he has been in contact with the various companies that are licensed to publish voicebanks (Power-FX, Zero-G, and VoctroLabs) but for the moment they didn’t seem interested in selling it at the moment with Yamaha’s licencing costs being cited as the main limiting factor.

He is asking for feedback and for fans to help spread the word about “Lucía”. Hopefully in the future we will see this Vocaloid on sale. You can read and comment on the full release @ Giuseppe-Ps original Spanish-language Facebook post.

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    She looks nice, hope there’ll be a male too

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      Whoops sorry comment got cut off,

      ppl keep saying Yamaha’s cost to make a vocaloid is expensive, but does anyone know the exact price? Maybe they can do a kickstarter to help fund it if the companies don’t wanna invest their own money into this project. Giuseppe is well known enough in the community to where it’d be likely to be a success rather than some unknown person in the community who comes outta hiding unless everyone could see how much effort they had put into it