Vocaloid.com Finally Adds Oliver, Sends Him To Corner

As part of our continuing coverage on Yamaha and the English version of Vocaloid.com we have breaking news. As part of their latest round of site updates Yamaha has finally gotten around to adding Oliver into their listings of Vocaloid 3s… just now… 6 months after his initial release.

In less pleasant news it seems Yamaha is continuing the distressing trend of discrimination by relegating the Engloids (and the Esploids, respectively) to a special “Overseas” corner of their website, further propagating the hateful “Us vs Them” attitude that has been dividing Vocaloid fans the world over.

Despite all this it is nice to see finally PowerFX getting proper credit. Preciously, on Vocaloid 2’s 3rd Party Products Page, though the Engloids were listed along their Japanese counterparts, Yamaha had only linked to PowerFX @ Crypton Marketplace and Crypton’s (more expensive) Japanese market product listings.

Thanks to sleepysheep7 for the tip!

Reader Sappokei asks an excellent question. Where is SeeU?
She is listed neither on the main, nor overseas listing, but appears on several info-graphics.

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