Vocaloid3 Oliver “Coming Very Soon!” & New Demos

Coming Very Soon

Hey all, Myst reporting for once in lieu of Hentai!

After a short lull, VocaTone has surprised us with some new demos posted to their official Youtube channel in the last couple of days, along with the teasing promise that “Oliver is coming soon!” added to the description of each one. How soon? We’re not yet quite sure — but based on VocaTone’s reaction, it’s safe to say that those who have him on their Christmas lists won’t be disappointed!

The first demo, an arrangement of Dvořák’s “Going Home,” was intended to show Oliver’s performance in the ranges and style of a traditional boy choir singer.

The second, a cover of Western Vocaloid producer Puffihn’s “Lonely Flight,” was created to demonstrate Oliver’s lower ranges in contrast to “Going Home.”


More information is surely soon to come!

And as always, to follow the Executive Editor’s opinion on Oliver’s developments, be sure to check out VocaRant!

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