VOCALOID4 & Cyber Diva Available, English VocaloidStore Updates

VOCALOID4 & Cyber Diva Available, English VocaloidStore Updates

With VOCALOID 4 being available in Japan since mid December and with stable release V4 v4.1.0 rolling out earlier last week Bplats, Inc. and Yamaha have finally added VOCALOID4 to the English VocaloidStore. Along with adding the full VOCALOID4 editor they also included half price discount downloads for anyone that bought the full version of VOCALOID3.

Other products added to the store include the English capable Cyber Diva and normal/upgrade versions of VY1V4. As usual the USD pricing of the English VocaloidStore hasn’t been ajusted for the weak JPY and it may be cheaper to buy from the JP store, even with associated currency coversion fees… assuming you can navigate the moonrunes of course.

All products are available as download only. Full press release & price list available after the jump.

    VOCALOID4 Editor (download) – $108.00
    VOCALOID4 Editor Upgrade Version (download)* – $54.00
    VOCALOID4 Library VY1V4 (download) – $108.00
    VOCALOID4 Library VY1V4 Upgrade Version (download)* – $54.00
    VOCALOID4 Library VY1V4 CYBER DIVA (download) – $108.00

* – Upgrade versions require valid serial key for discount purchase

[Full Press Release]

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