VoctroLabs Collab-Competition, Reveals Next Voctroloid?

In an amazing turn of events Voctro Labs has revealed they are collaborating with producer house TheFACT™ in Plan-B by Ballantine.

Under Plan-B the group La Oreja de Van Gogh have composed a song, complete with music and melody, and are inviting their fans to submit lyrics for it. After submitting lyrics, fans will be able to listen to it rendered by what could possibly be the upcoming Voctroloid, and hear what their lyrics might sound like sung.

The website is online and is accepting submissions now, with the final winners to be chosen by La Oreja de Van Gogh by the end of the year. This collaboration and contest is an unprecedented example of the power of VOCALOID-like vocal synthesizers, and their practical applications in the field of songwriting.

For those interested Yue’s English translation of the full press release is included after the break, with the link to the original listed below. VocaloidOtaku has a thread dedicated to the contest and it includes many fan submissions so you can have a chance to hear what VoctroLabs upcoming Vocaloid might sound like.

[Official Press Release]
[Plan-B Project Page]
[Discussion & Samples]

We’ll anounced the surprise!

Anyway, Labss Voctro has collaborated with producer house TheFACT ™ in the new Ballantine’s Plan-B (http://elplanb.tv/).

The Plan-B is consists that the group La Oreja de Van Gogh – Official has composed a new song (music and melody) that still has no lyrics, and every fan is invited to participate in the creative process of writing the lyrics for this song. There is a website where you can listen to the song and write the lyrics, once the lyrics are composed, and this is where we take part, you will be able to listen to it in a new voice we have created for Vocaloid! so you can get an idea of how you would the lyrics sound sung by a real singer.

The website is now online (http://elplanb.tv/) and is a total success, we encourage everyone to go in and test the new voice, also, at the end of this year, Oreja de Van Gogh will choose between all lyrics sent by their fans the one they like best and will become the final song.

We believe this will help us to popularize VOCALOID and give the recognition it deserves!

We hope you like this,
– Voctro Labs

English translation by Yue Nagareboshi. Used with permission.

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