Yamaha Launches Official Vocaloid Facebook Page

In a surprising turn of events Yamaha has finally decided to catch up with the times and embrace social media by creating an official VOCALOID Facebook page. They announced plans to make the page a hub of information on Vocaloid and Vocaloid usage including, interviews, guides, events, news, and more.

As of yet the page is still empty, but they do have two English language press releases:

  • In the first they go over what they want to do with the page, what VOCALOID is, and how VOCALOID is the technology that powers Hatsune Miku.
  • In the second they direct fans to their English website, which has been around since April.

Unsurprisingly the Engloids (and the Esploids) are nowhere to be seen. Maybe down the road we can look forward to a special “Overseas Vocaloids” corner in the future.

Official English press releases embedded after the jump.

[Yamaha’s Official Vocaloid Facebook]

First Press Release:

We will be proudly announcing that VOCALOID official Facebook page is now open!!

VOCALOID is a technology for singing voice synthesis developed by Yamaha Corporation, and is also the name of this software application. VOCALOID provides simple and easy operation to create your own singing voice by entering your lyrics and melodies.

This technology is well known for being used in Hatsune Miku(*).

In this page, we are positively planning to perform following activities:

  1. Announce official news and information from Yamaha Corporation.
  2. Introduce popular VOCALOID songs (in Japan/worldwide).
  3. Perform an interview with VOCALOID composers and producers (not periodically).
  4. Introduce useful tips and techniques you can try on VOCALOID.
  5. Release information about events around the world related to VOCALOID and its community.
  6. Introduce various tools that deeply contribute to expand VOCALOID community in Japan, such as Miku Miku Dance.

We are very excited to communicate with many VOCALOID fans, and to hear your voices!
Please feel free to leave your comments, and “Like” our page!

* – “Hatsune Miku” is product developed by Crypton Future Media, Inc., using VOCALOID technology by Yamaha Corp.

Second Press Release:

We have been publishing English Official Site since April 2012, to introduce our VOCALOID technologies to more people around the world know deeper about them.

  1. What is VOCALOID?
  2. Interview with the chief engineer of VOCALOID
  3. Product Lineup

And many other information is upcoming. Please visit our site below and enjoy!!


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