Yamaha Updates Official Vocaloid Site, Snuffs English Version

In a move probably in preperation for Vocaloid 3 Yamaha has updated their official Vocaloid website at Vocaloid.com. Sadly this update was for their Japanese language homepage only. Vocaloid (English) and all the bookmarks to their English language child site are now dead, seemingly lost in transition.

Maybe it is for the best. English Vocaloid.com’s last update was in 2009 with Sonika’s release and has remained largely neglected. As far as Yamaha was concerned Big Al and Tonio didn’t exist. When, and if, the English site ever comes back, hopefully Yamaha will keep up with the Engloids and at least give us the time of day to update it once or twice a year.

Here is to you Yamaha, and Vocaloid 3 which is just around the corner! Don’t forget about the Engloids when it is finally released. I know Zero-G & PowerFX are counting on you for an English version of the editor at least.

  • Mini

    I was honestly mad with that. How could they not list engloids?

  • Kodakami

    ” I know Zero-G & PowerFX are counting on you for an English version of the editor at least.”

    Actually, the editor is natively in English. The Japanese version has a few language patch files. ^^

    • Would appreciate an English checkout page so we can purchase it. Maybe a way to accept American credit cards? Would be asinine if they expected their Engloid purchasers to navigate their JP site.

  • I saw it. It just made me sick looking at VOCALOID site and not see anything in english there, neither information about engloids. It’s just so unfair!!! They were the first VOCALOIDs to be released, they NEED attention! Old things aren’t bad things. I know there are japanese people who likes engloids, I know it!!

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  • john ambrose

    there is also a new product of yamaha vocaloid Ange Wayne from australia

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  • Hey guys. If you like Vocaloids I have an english site with polls, pics, and vids. Its called vocaloidfanaloid.webs.com. Yeah the name is cheesy, but whatever. Anyway, its a new site, and I wish more people would join!