Engloids Blog Recruiting

Engloids Blog is looking for people who are passionate about Engloids and Vocaloid in general.

There are a variety of positions available and if you are intersted feel free to contact Hentai via Email, YouTube, or Twitter.

  • Reporter (Associate Editor)
    You are on top of the latest news in the Engloid world and make sure that we have proper coverage. Better late than never our primary goal is maximum coverage so you will make sure we cover it.
  • Columnist (Contributing Editor)
    Are you interested in contributing a semi-regular column here on Engloids Blog? Be it music reviews, Engloid lessons, or simple opinion pieces we can be your soapbox and you can have your own page in the Columns section.
  • Editor (Copy Editor)
    How is your English spelling and grammar? Editors are in charge of making sure all our articles are top quality by double checking any mistakes the rest of us might make. You get to save us from looking like idiots.

Even if you don’t want to joining our blog team you can still contribute by sending any tips or suggestions to tips@engloids.info

If you are interested in simply making a guest appearance then contact hentai@engloids.info

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  • Samuel Leuenberger

    Not being a native english speaker I cannot really help even as an editor but I wanted to stop by and congrats you for the professional-looking and insightful content of this blog and am glad you are expanding its scope.
    To be honest I wish I could find the same quality for the Japanese Vocaloid blogosphere, where information in english is very fragmented among several sites and high quality articles would need to be regrouped somewhere.

    P.S. speaking of editors, I noticed your email address at the end of this article has a typo.

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