New Staff, Mission Statement, & Editorial Guidelines

Well the site has been updated and we have take 4 people onto our blog staff. These new additions include Koda-P (kodakami2) & Opera Ghost (GladiatorBros) as Contributing Editors (Columnists) with Myst (UTAUxyz) & Sekai (Skeyi) as Editors.

Some of them are still going through orientation but we are still recruiting Reporters and additional Columnists. For more info and to request an interview check out my previous post.


Beyond adding new members to our team I have also finalized our editorial guidelines including this mission statement:

Mission Statement: Our goal is to spread the Engloid love. We will not pretend to be impartial and we will have a clear and evident love for all things Engloid. We will want to share this love with the rest of the world and when it comes to Engloids nothing will be beyond our scope.

Heart of the matter is we LOVE Engloids and we aren’t even going to attempt to be impartial about it. This is the Engloids blog what else would you expect?


Beyond that you can see our full Editorial Guidelines & Category Overview on its page here.

It may seem like a bit much at first for a “simple blog” but I feel transparency helps both the reader and the editor as it lays out what you can expect from us, and in turn what we should expect from ourselves.

Believe it or not this isn’t me first time as “Senior Editor” for anything. I was Editor-in-Chief of my highschool’s Muse Literary Magazine and I was a managing editor for’s Tribune while they were still around.

About The Author


I am part oldie, part newbie, and in many ways a walking contradiction. My interests include anime, manga, computers, and videogames. I am the voicer of OTAKUNE Weeabo, a moderator on UtaForum, and the Executive Editor of Engloids.Info.

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