New Engloids Blog Launches!

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Welcome to the New “Engloid’s Blog” now simply known as “Engloids”.

We are in not affiliated with the original Engloid’s Blog beyond the topic at hand and our love for Vocaloid, particularly Engloids.

The old Engloid’s Blog fell into disrepair with NoNeed4Cosplay/NoNeed4Vocaloid heading off for college and its adopter Tyetyez falling off the face of the earth. Without a caretaker the old blog came to a halt and at the time of posting hasn’t been updated in almost a year.

We hope to continue the tradition of Engloid love that NoNeed4Cosplay started and provide the latest and greatest coverage not only on the Engloids but on the producers, originals, and great work done with them.

About The Author


I am part oldie, part newbie, and in many ways a walking contradiction. My interests include anime, manga, computers, and videogames. I am the voicer of OTAKUNE Weeabo, a moderator on UtaForum, and the Executive Editor of Engloids.Info.

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