Resuming Engloid Coverage, Major Website Update

After a 6 month hiatus as the various staff reoriented themselves between new schedules of school and work we are happy to announce a resumption in Engloid coverage along with a major website update. New features of Engloids.Info v2.0 include a modern responsive design that will scale better on mobile devices and tablets, better organization and navigation, and a generally cleaner look and layout. This update has been in BETA for a while, something we have been working on during the downtime and we welcome any reader feedback.

With this transition we also have to say goodbye to some of our site staff. We always like to say that this site is “powered by passion” and its these people’s passions that has helped us get this far. Sometimes passions need rekindling, sometimes a break, other times a hiatus is just what we need. Hopefully this is not the last we hear of our fellows.

With the departure of some old staff I would like to once again announce that Engloids.Info is recruiting. We are looking for news reporters, regular columnists, and some copy editors to keep the rest of us in check. Check out our previous recruitment post for more details.

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I am part oldie, part newbie, and in many ways a walking contradiction. My interests include anime, manga, computers, and videogames. I am the voicer of OTAKUNE Weeabo, a moderator on UtaForum, and the Executive Editor of Engloids.Info.

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