Spotlight: Centrifugal Cindi

Originally created for a song competition our next spotlight is brought to us by ChaoFreak. Uploaded recently to celebrate Sonika’s recent birthday this song shows that Vocaloid can span generations and is a collaboration between ChaosFreak, his dad, and his dad’s old band UHF.

Video Description:

So this was what I entered in the SONiKA song competition all the back to last year. It’s SONiKA’s birthday, so I thought that was a good excuse to actually put this up.

This was a collaboration between me and my dad’s old band, UHF.
The song was written by taxwielder
The instrumental and vocals were (programmed?) by me
Supervision and editing by my father, who does not have a youtube. :U

Pictures are sort of halfassed yet again. Realized it was her B-day late last night… Yup.

So happy birthday VOCALOID2 ZG-V5: SONiKA! I think next year, your parents should get you an ACT.2~

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I am part oldie, part newbie, and in many ways a walking contradiction. My interests include anime, manga, computers, and videogames. I am the voicer of OTAKUNE Weeabo, a moderator on UtaForum, and the Executive Editor of Engloids.Info.

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