Spotlight: Fireflies (Cover)

It seems whenever I am looking to spotlight new video to spotlight Vortex11316 always leaves a Prima present in my inbox.

I am sure we have all seen Fireflies covers before but none quite like this. With its stunning PV, original remixed backing track, and some re-sequenced vocals this is unlike any Fireflies cover I have seen. Prima’s sweeping voice combined with the sweeping NASA visuals paint a really awe inspiring picture.

I wanted it to sound like how a more traditional band might play it, so I changed the instruments from synthesizers to piano, drums, and bass, but kept the string section to fill it out. There are a lot of words and it was a struggle to find the best phonemes and accents for Vocaloid pronunciation. There are still a few odd spots in her voice.

For the video, I thought the lyrics inspired a connection between fireflies and stars, so the video showcases stars, constellations, the zodiac, and a trip around the Earth and through the solar system thanks to NASA images and video clips.

A production note: The background star field is one continuous camera move over a 4000×4000 pixel real star field image. The Earth orbit time-lapse videos were created from the original HD still image sequences available on

Thank you Vortex11316 for emailing me. You know what I love myself a powerful Prima performance and you never fail to deliver be it an original or a cover with a twist.

If you have an original that you like or are a producer who would like to share something with our audience my contact details are on the staff page.

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