Spotlight: Morning Light

I have been looking for a Prima original to spotlight for a while and imagine my surprise I found this gem by Vortex11316 in my inbox.

He is Vocaloid newcomer with this being first official release. Don’t underestimate him either, he is an experienced amateur musician with roots in garage bands dating back to the 70s.

Vortex’s Morning Light is has a New Age atmosphere with a 90s Pop hook. Aside from the Vocaloid vocals it is very reminiscent of Space Music and has a beautiful NASA slideshow to match.

Thanks for the reply. It would be an honor to have it featured.

This is my first original song using a Vocaloid. It’s a pop-style tune using Prima. I tried to make her sound as young as I could since her voice might be a bit mature for this kind of tune. Since this was my first Vocaloid creation, I focused on learning pronunciation using alternate phonemes, attack, and decay, and left the expression curves fixed. I’ll work on more expressiveness on future songs. The video is a collage of images from the NASA images website. I’m not a professional musician, but I’ve been creating instrumental music in my home studio since the days of 4-track reel-to-reel. Since discovering Vocaloids a few months back, I’ve been able to start to add vocals to the creative mix. Thanks for listening and thanks to all the musicians who have posted all the great Vocaloid examples. All comments, critiques, and creative ideas welcomed.

Alesis Micron
Electric Guitar
Vocaloid2 Prima
Sony Acid Pro (audio)
Sony Vegas Pro (video)

The music is very atmospheric and contemplated and with the Vocaloid vocals it is reminiscent of Malcolm Brown (LyleMusic) whom we have interviewed in the past.

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